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Cushioned Patio Stool

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Sold By: Dollar Deals Manufacturers

  • Cushioned Patio Stool
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SKU: DDM2124

Sector: manufacturing

Tags: #tables, #furniture

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Cushioned Patio Stool

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Dollar Deals Manufacturers

COMPANY OVERVIEW During the Covid19 Lockdowns I registered Dollar Deals Manufactures in 2020 as a PBC (Private Business Corporation) with the Registrar of Companies of Zimbabwe. Noticing the masses of abandoned used tyres and car parts littering the streets, and being someone who cares for the environment I decided to recycle the trash into useful items. I collect tyres, rims, shocks, springs and other scrap and used these to make furniture, garden décor, and novel versions of Braais. Even though my core aspiration in Dollar Deal was to promote the value of recycling, the lack of public education about recycling at large was a setback. I learnt bead work to make fashion bags and novelties, as well as exploring the manufacture of cleaning products and signature essences for women and men to make up any shortfalls in my enterprise. My bead work has become largely recognised to be of a high craftsmanship standard. Recycling and artistic bead work, together, have put Dollar Deal on the map. MISSION STATEMENT Our Mission is to make an environmental and economical impact through responsible green business practices while focusing on using state of the art technology to increase efficiency, quality and reduce costs for end users ultimately creating and sustaining a culture of recycling that is widely accepted. To be the preferred source of recycled Tyres and scrap metal that meets the highest standards of purity, while eliminating waste and promoting the concept of reclamation and reuse. Dollar Deals will always provide its customers with the most professional, informative, loyal and dedicated service in the industry. We understand that our customers define the standard of quality and service, and their loyalty must be earned. OUR VISION Dollar Deals Manufacturers vision is to recycle end-of-life tyres and metal in the environmentally and economically most beneficial way .To create a world where recycling, reusing and reducing usage of natural resources will be the norm and manufacturing will be more environmentally friendly. To continuously innovate and apply environment friendly technologies for conversion of waste into value added products with the aim to maximize stakeholder value. We believe that all output from the recycling process should be used in high-value applications - not incinerated. To open a recycling plant in Manicaland by 2030. .

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